Riedel: It’s A Family members Thing


Throughout the Seventeenth Century, Bohemia, in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire, was the glass making capital of Europe. Its seemingly endless woodlands offered the glass makers all the hardwood they needed to fire their ovens.

The Riedel story began with Johann Christoph. Birthed in 1678, he functioned as a seller based in Sudetenland as well as made a small lot of money by exporting the glass wares produced in his residence area, as far an area as Spain and also Portugal. Although traveling during that time was tough as well as often harmful, the cash he made more than compensated him for any kind of pain he endured.

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Johann’s son: Johann Carl earned a living in his very own glass cutting and also gilding workshop. But it had not been till completion of the Austrian-Prussian Seven-Year War in 1756 that the Riedel family members actually started to make their mark.

The region’s home had been devastated throughout this moment and significant re-development work taken place. Johann Leopold developed the household’s very first glass works, which opened for service in 1756 and specialized in making replacement windows. His real claim to fame was that he made a technique whereby harmed tarnished glass, which would have cost a tiny lot of money to repair, was replaced with normal window panes.

As the next generation, in the form of Anton Leopold, took the helm, the company’s operations relocated away from window panes and also the emphasis changed towards elaborate glass and light fixture parts.

A couple of generation later on, and also the Riedel glass works moved to Polaun. Now, shooting glass ovens by shedding timber was behind the times. Coal was both more affordable and also a lot more effective and also with Polaun being on the rail-network, distribution could be made directly to the manufacturing facility. The rail web link additionally served in despatching the ended up products effortlessly. At this moment in its background, Riedel employed some twelve hundred approximately workers, generating mainly glass grains and spaces that were after that sold on to finishing shops. Marketing was left in the hands of a collection of trading firms, exporting the grains as much an area as India and South America.

As a result of the grains being marketed in this fashion, the Riedel name never appeared on any up until 1890 when Josef Riedel The Younger headed the business. Being and exceptional drug store as well as engineer, he transformed the grain production process by using mechanical cutters and also introduced a variety of some six hundred colors.

During The Second World War, the Riedel glass functions fell into the hands of the Nazis when they attacked Czechoslovakia. Riedel was forced to desert the manufacture of luxury items and also, instead, handle the advancement of “picture tubes” which were an indispensable part of the German’s radar system. Unfortunately, when the Russians invaded Berlin in 1945, among these Riedel picture tubes was located and also the creator, Walter Riedel, was imprisoned for ten years and also made to work for them.

Whilst Walter was locked away in Russia, the now Communist, Czech government confiscated the Riedel family members’s ownerships as well as took charge of, as well as nationalized, their firms.

On being launched from jail time in 1955, Walter went back to Austria where family members pals, the Swarovskis, moneyed the opening of a factory, headed by Walter and also his kid, Claus J. It opened its doors in 1956, concentrating on mouth blown glass products.

Claus J. presented the manufacturing of art forms to the manufacturing facility as well as began upon the development of the, currently, world well-known Riedel Stemware. Steering clear of the usual heavy, reduced glass, Claus went for thin-blown, long white wine glasses as well as got much, globe wide, admiration from both customers and also galleries alike.

Today, 11 generations later, Riedel is a worldwide firm with Maximillian Josef heading operations in The United States and Canada as well as Riedel delighting in unprecedented success.

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