What are the things that are a must to know about a desert safari?desert safari



In a world full of aesthetically beautiful places, there are some countries, cities and the places within those cities which are more beautiful and unique compared to the beauty and uniqueness of this whole world. This world is full of surprises and the special surprise this world has for you are the most unique places among all the unique ones.

desert safari

All about UAE:

A person who starts traveling, it becomes a very difficult question for him to which country or to which place he or she should visit first. Have you ever seen the trend? What trend? Let me tell you about one trend, that whosoever starts traveling, UAE is the first country that they visit in their traveling journey. I have noticed this thing in most of the travelers. But have you ever thought the reason behind it? The reason is the beauty and uniqueness of the UAE. UAE has 7 emirates within it. Each and every emirate has played a significant role in making the UAE developed and make the UAE look more attractive to the tourists and the traveler.

Dubai and its famous desert:

Among UAE, Dubai is known as the gem city of this country. Dubai has a very special place in the UAE. No other emirate has the kind of buildings that Dubai has. No other emirate has the vast deserts that Dubai has. Now if I mentioned about deserts so let me tell you that there is a desert in Dubai named as Desert safari Dubai which is known to be the most unique and vast desert of Dubai. People who visit Dubai considers it their responsibility to visit this desert.

Why desert safari Dubai is famous in Dubai?

Let me give you some main reasons behind the Dubai Desert safari’s Popularity. One main reason is the activities. Activities are thereason behind increased tourist attraction in desert safari.

Activities of Desert safari Dubai:

Dune Bashing:

If you came to Dubai and didn’t go for Dune bashing then why did you come to Dubai? This line is the most heard line by people who went back from Dubai without visiting Desert safari. This activity is all about riding the land cruiser on the vast red sand dunes of Desert safari.

Quad biking:

Riding the four-wheeled quad bike can be the best experience one could have here in desert safari. This is the most thrilling activity here in this desert.

morning desert safari

Camel riding:

The calmest activity to do is camel riding. You will fall in love with the beautyofdesert safariafter exploring this desert while sitting on the camel’s back.

Tanoura dance:

It is a kind of Sufi dance in which people move around and round and wear white frocks.

Fire show:

This activity is the heart of desert safari. The most entertaining activity it is.


Henna art:

Decorate your hands by henna here at a desert safariin night camping.

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